I don't know how it has begun. I just remember the power of the new millennium. I knew everything would change. But I had never imagined something like this. To be the Oriental Girl.

My education began traditionally. Learning basic terms, how to speak, how to use my body to give him all I have, taking the pain and to love the punishment as well as my being as a slave. Then he gave me the order to compare my knowledge with other slaves. I were shocked. slave position for Bastinado The way of education is BDSM but he made differences between me and other slaves. For example my slave positions on the ground. I have to hold my feet in a different position like I would stand on my toes although I'm in dog position. Why he wanted it this way? Because so he can take me better and bastinado my soles.

There are so many differences I hope you'll see them in my movies. So I call my life "The Way of Oriental Girl". I hope this way never ends. I hate it but I love it, too. Being Sallenaz is my passion, The Way of Oriental Girl is my way of pain becoming his best slave and his spirit is mercilessness. I hate him. He knows it. I hate him for his extreme pain and finding the balance I can take it. Either my body or my soul every time pains. He is the Master of Pain so he knows to hurt me professionally.
Okay. I want it, love it and hate it. So let's begin my story after my basic education.

Oriental Girl I (The Beginning)
Oriental Girl IDiary My Master gave me the order to punish his slave Adeline. She would lick my feet and I should punish her for a bad worship. But Adeline did a great job. She licked my feet better than a dog. This was my first time anyone licked my feet. She found the sensitive areas of my soles and sucked my toes. I wasn`t able to punish her hard for it. I like her. That was a mistake.
Our Master bound our feet together. Adeline was able to see my soles and I was able to see her's. He began to beat our soles with a riding crop. I hate riding crops and canes. They all are so deeply painful. And this man has the hardest hand I've ever seen. So pain becomes maximum. Adeline felt my pain too when I wanted to take back my feet. Her toes pains because we were bound in network. The same happened to me when he punished her feet. It was horrible to see how he beat her lovely soles and I had to see it...see how the soles became red.
Then he changed the positions. We were punished in traditional falaka and in dog position styles. He really get happy when we screamed and cried. And he knew I like Adeline. So finally he ordered me to held her feet when she got her punishment for a bad worship service. It was really hard for me. She made it wonderful and he punished her and I had to hold her feet for his sadism. And I know he will punish me more than Adeline.

Oriental Girl II (Severe Punishment)
Oriental Girl IIDiary I was lying in my bed in his harem. This man is a dark angle. I bear hatred towards him but my will is free. Maybe that is the reason why my soul feels free although my being is under his control. The punishment would given anyway so I wrote him a mail. This dark angle just except me when I do everything to be his best slave. Begging for punishment was the best way to show him this. So I begged for it in my mail.
Diary 2 Today he made it. First he punished me on my back. I were bind and didn`t have any control of my body. My back felt the severe pain of whips and cane. This was the first time my body and soul couldn`t breathe for minutes. As I saw my bloody marks on the photos I cried. I also cried as I received the punishment. No chance to stop the tears. But my back was just the beginning of a severe punishment. After it my feet where fixed in a traditional falaka. Do this man know what kind of extremely pain he gave me? Hasn`t he ever felt it? Is he absolutely crazy? No, I think I'm crazy because receiving hundreds of beats with cane, riding crop and whips and kissing his feet for it is absolutely crazy. It was like hell. Maybe he is the devil and we were in hell. My soles are burning while I'm writing this and I can't walk. The cane didn`t stop. Again and again the cane. The sound, the pain, an inelastic instrument,...cane I just feel odium to you. And he didn`t stop altough I begged for mercy. I prayed to god to end my life. End my pain. I can`t take anymore! God has mercy. He hasn't. His life is a battle. And he let feels me the pain of his scars. So he knows better than me what pain is. So I took also the pain of foot torture with needles and how wax. I took the final and brutal bastinado until the falaka and cane break together. I screamed my whole soul out of my body knowing that this is my way. After the end I was reborned and now I'm writing it to him.

Oriental Girl III - 1 (Elements of the Spirit - A Trilogy)
Oriental Girl III - 1Diary I thought fire is my element. My education of the last 3 days learnt me all elements are mine. I was lying again in my bed watching a bastinado movie and surfing in internet. Suddenly I get a message from my Master. He said he would come to punish me. What did I do? What was my mistake? Wasn't everything ok? Wasn't everything as he wanted to? I didn`t have the right to ask this questions but my heart did it. This was first time he bound me in my bed to castigate me. This holy place would be a shadow of my sorrows too. 'Be like water and you'll understand' he told me. I was like water and adjusted to him. And again he used the cane. This time I took the pain without any begging. Just crying and crying is good...especially if you weren't able to stop it. But like water the skin of my soles was hard. Hard like the skin of the water when you try to beat it. I clenched my teeth until the end...until my soles were swollen and red...until the cane broke.
Next day he ordered me to his narghile room. I smoked it with banana flavour knowing something would happen. I never thought he would do again bastinado. But I got a message to be ready for bastinado. This time he ordered me to be fire. How could I be fire? He fixed me hogtied. This time he just used whips and a flogger. I like the whip. I love it. It hurts my whole soles and I never know where the pain will start and where it will be end. Also it embraces me when it's whiplashes wraps my whole feet. But this was first time I feel the fire of the pain because my soles were sensitive from my bastinado the day before and today every beat burns twice. Suddenly I felt the passion of the heat like the sun burning on my skin. This was very known to me. Although my Master beats me extremely many hundred times, although I screamed and cried I didn't beg for mercy because I liked it. And finally he ordered me to hold my feet myself without bondage to show him that I'm able to take pain for him limitless. He told me I would meet my spirits of the past next day.
Next day we went to another house of pain. I entered a dark room with chains. He tied me with chains. He began to whip me on my back. His beats were cold and burning, empty and full of pain, he was silent but the whips were very loud. And I couldn't understand which element I did have to use. I understood it in Oriental Girl III - 2.

Oriental Girl III - 2 (Dreams)
Oriental Girl III - 2Diary My dreams take me always on a journey through time. After an extreme back and soles whipping I hadn't more any power. The whip took every power out of my body. My spirit was willing to receive any pain he wanted to give me but the flesh was weak. He didn't stop. I didn't wonder. I wondered how powerful my body and soul could be if he wants to. At the end I just wanted to go in my cage. I slept immediately. I dreamt my past when I was entering MasterDaPain's world. The oriental girl were born. My Master trained me merciless. He shaped me and molded me. I had to get best or not survive. I learnt how to live as a slave, to walk, to serve him, to take extreme pain and live in peace with my being as his slave. I was an element of water.

Oriental Girl III - 3 (The slave)
Oriental Girl III - 3Diary I got a new chance to educate a slave of MasterDaPain. I knew he would punish me if I didn't do a good job. He wants me to act in his spirit. I know it n I like it. So I used my 2nd chance and educated Lexa. I learnt her the pain of bastinado. She had to take bastinado while she was bind onto the hanging red platform where I had been punished before. She had to take bastinado while she was forced to lick my feet. And she licked really good. I like it if someone worships my feet. She did a real good job. She licks better than a dog.
I felt the sadizm in me and it's a great feeling. I wasn't able to stop punishing her and continued with spank and tortured her again and again. So much that she lost her ego and was able to be formed for a slave of MasterDaPain. Her begging, feet kissing and feet licking for mercy vitalized my being as a Mistress.
Finally we made a worship session. It was so deeply of emotions. But I didn't know that I wasn't allowed to do that. He punished us both for that. He fixed our feet into the traditional falaka side by side and began with the bastinado on our naked soles. I was able to feel and hear her pain and she was able to hear mine. We were both on the same level of punishment. I realized my mistake. But it was to late. Finally Lexa had to hold my feet for single falaka. It was demeaning for me to be punished in front of a slave which has a lower level than me. But we had to change the positions and I liked to see Lexa punished in front of me. And finally my Master show me how "forced to lick" functions. The punishment was really hard. I hate the cane. But I thank her; it's pain made my mind free to understand the first step to become a real Switcher.

Oriental Girl IV (Falaka Torture)
Oriental Girl IVDiary He said that this torture would be totally different. It was one of my most extreme tortures. I was able to see the beats, the torture, my Master and my whole life. The pain was more deeply than I was able to control my spirit of time. I was bind and could just take the pain...so or so. When I watch the film I laugh sometimes. Some of my facial expressions are really funny. But the enormous pain isn't funny. I cried. I begged but he went his way.
I was closed to my being as a slave just able to be there to take the pain. Maybe pain is a key for doors which I haven't know...not knowing that they are there. Just coming to this conclusion is more than I can imagine.
You just watch a movie which is ending. My session didn't end with the falaka torture. I went on. My way won't ever end.

to be continued...

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