Bastinado - Falaka - Feet Torture - BDSM

Oriental Girl

I`m a slave from Turkey. I`m the slave of MasterDaPain. He mades me. I would be nothing if he didn`t gave me my name, my soul and my spirit. Everything of mine is him. So I`m nothing. I`m just existing to be his slave.

My education is build on pain. The basic pain is falaka. You know this punishment as bastinado. Falaka is the traditional name mostly used in Turkey and Arabian countries. It`s very intensive because the soles are very sensitive. You feel the pain from your body to your soul. It`s extremely painful and effective. I hate the falaka but I have to love it. So falaka is my bastinado passion

But I`m also educated with the most BDDSSM methods you know. I`m really submissive and masochistic. I love to be dominated by my Master. But he also educaded me as a switcher. Yes I`m also dominant and sadistic.

Please enter my life if you`re interested and 18 years old.